APC Foundation Client Service Benefits

As a Private Client of Australian Private Capital you have the opportunity to extend certain valuable services to your children via the Foundation Client Service which is our service specifically tailored for young adults.  The following are available right now;

Debt Review: If you have any children who have existing loans then allow APC the opportunity to facilitate  a review and market comparison by a debt specialist to make sure your child’s loan is as competitive as possible.  There is no fee for this review and if a new loan is put in place you can help your child lower their ongoing repayment and with APC’s Commission Rebate Policy this can mean hundreds if not thousands of dollars in commission returned to them!

Insurance Review: If you have a working child, chances are they will have personal insurances such as Life, Total & Permanent Disability, Income Protection or Trauma. These can be expensive.  What many people do not realise is that the commission paid to insurance advisers by the insurance companies to sell their products is between 25% and 30% of the annual premium!  You can help your child lower the cost of insurance by allowing APC to review their existing insurances.  Not only can we ensure they have the right levels of cover in place but with APC’s Commission Rebate Policy we will return to them annually the 25% – 30% of premium commission rebate!

What should you do?

Talk to your kids and let them know of these services that are available to them by virtue of your APC Private Client Service.  If you have working children with either a loan or personal insurance you can help them lower the cost of both or at least give them peace-of-mind that their current circumstances are as optimal as possible!

What financial services could we offer that we don’t?

In our most recent client survey, which we provided feedback to you on in our last E-News, we scored highly across the board although our lowest score (still a high 4.59 out of 5.00) was Range of Financial Services.  We believe APC provides our clients a comprehensive range of services however we are always very interested to receive your feedback of services that you would like us to provide you, which we currently do not.

What should you do?

If there is a financial service you would like us to consider including in our Private Client Service please email to [email protected] with the subject RANGE OF FINANCIAL SERVICES FEEDBACK your suggestion and we will investigate and personally respond back to you with our findings and the outcome.

APC’s new Resources section

APC has now included in our website a new Resources library, which contains short videos explaining various wealth management strategies which we implement with our clients. This Resources section has been deliberately located in the public area of our website so you may share them with family or friends.

You can locate this new Resources section here.

APC’s office operations – including Christmas and New Years

Currently APC is not able to operate in our offices due to Victorian Government COVID restrictions however it is our intention to return to our office as soon as we are able to do so.

Christmas and New Years

Our offices will be closing for a 2 week Christmas break at 3pm on Thursday December 24th and re-opening at 9am on Monday January 11th  2021.