Luke and Amy welcome Theo into the world!

 Welcome Theodore Phillip Price to the APC Family. Born at a healthy 3.63Kg at 4:14AM on the 4th of May, Theo is thriving in his new world. Although much sleep deprived, Amy and Luke are thoroughly enjoying their new journey as parents!

Calypso receives a promotion

Congratulations to Calypso who has been officially promoted to Para Planning Team Leader effective from July 1st.  Over the past four years Calypso, who joined APC in September of 2016, has been a member of the para planning team under the leadership of Luke.   It became apparent early that Calypso is a detail person who willingly takes on challenges and, like all of the APC team, is very client focused!

In July of 2019 it was decided to transition Calypso over a twelve month period into her new role. Luke, who commenced his transition to the APC advice team in July of 2018 has now completed this and we congratulate Luke also as he takes on a permanent position as an APC Adviser.  Luke has been a valued member of our team since November 2012!

Just as APC strives to help our clients achieve their important personal goals, we also pride ourselves in helping bright young professionals achieve their professional and personal objectives as well.  We welcome and celebrate Calypso’s and Luke’s success!

APC’s new website

You may have noticed that our website has had a facelift.  After approximately ten years without any change of significance we thought it was time for a fresh look.  We would encourage you to take a look and let us know what you think.  Importantly, your Client Portal is in a familiar place at the top right hand corner of our home page.


APC’s Values

Since our establishment in 1988, APC has always had a ‘Client First’ philosophy.  As our business has grown we have adopted other guiding principles and recently we came together as a team to formalise the following six values which epitomise Australian Private Capital:

  1. Placing our client’s interests always ahead of our own
  2. Being honest with our clients and ourselves while operating with integrity
  3. Always being willing to help our fellow team members
  4. Supporting diversity in our team
  5. Having an inclusive approach
  6. As we prosper we give back to society

APC’s Partners

APC has long held the view that where we can we should take the opportunity to be a good corporate citizen.  This behaviour lead to our Value #6 – As we prosper we give back to society.  In the early days, as we replaced computer equipment every three years, we donated this equipment to indigenous communities.

However over the years we have developed a more formal approach to APC’s Partnership Program and it is now an important feature of our strategy.  Please take the time to review our program and our partners on our website;


APC’s 2020 Annual Client briefing

It will be of no surprise to you that this year’s briefing, held annually at the NGV, is not possible due to the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis.  APC is currently considering how we may provide you an Economic Briefing, Market and Portfolio update and some NGV content for your enjoyment and we will share this with you over the coming month or so.

NGV’s virtual conversation – Destiny Deacon

On a similar topic, as part of the NGV Corporate Sponsor program, APC was able to provide our clients access to the virtual conversation on the work of Destiny Deacon.  We have received a great deal of positive feedback form you on this and hope to be able to do so again when the NGV release more virtual content exclusively for their corporate sponsors.