It is with great pride that APC announces to you that Luke Price is transitioning from his current Para Planning Team Leader role to that of Financial Adviser.

Luke joined APC in 2012 and it was self-evident early on that Luke possessed a great work ethic with a sincere focus on excellent client service.

It won’t surprise you that Luke’s transition to this new role has been in APC’s planning for several years.  APC believes that if our firm can align our business needs with the personal and professional aspirations of our team then we have the best chance of maintaining our team composition as well as having a happy team.  We do not believe that unhappy staff can deliver great service for our clients.

Luke’s new role is that of Financial Adviser and Team Leader.  Over this current financial year he will still have responsibility for the day to day management of APC’s para planning team, however he will also start to manage some client Regular Planning Meetings.

Over the next couple of years he will progressively relinquish his Team Leader responsibilities and move to the role of Financial Adviser full time.

These are very exciting times for Luke who is going to marry his fiancé Amy in January 2019. Amy and Luke purchased their first home together last year and being a passionate Melbourne fan, the Dees first finals campaign in 12 years is icing on the cake.

We are all very proud of Luke.  He is a valued member of our team and we are delighted his professional and personal life is so positive for him.

Congratulations Luke!