Every two years, Australian Private Capital surveys our clients to measure how you think of our service.  APC uses an external consultant (Business Health) to conduct the survey so that it is completely at arm’s length from APC.  The survey is anonymous which ensures the integrity of the results as our clients can express their views honestly.  Business Health tell us that only the better advice firms actually take the time to do this survey.

It is with great pride for our entire team that this year’s survey provided our best ever overall score of 4.75 out 5.00!

APC Values

In large part this result is a measurement of APC being true to our values. These guiding principles provide us with a framework by which all decisions within APC are made.  Whilst our overarching goal is to delight our clients with exceptional service, our firm’s objective of helping all our clients achieve Clarity, Control and Confidence in relation to their financial strategy is achievable by our commitment to live up the following values.

  1. Placing our client’s interests always ahead of our own
  2. Being honest with our clients and ourselves while operating with integrity
  3. Always being willing to help our fellow team members
  4. Supporting diversity in our team
  5. Having an inclusive approach
  6. As we prosper we give back to society

So, to the survey results.

This graph, provided by Business Health, has the most recent result (2020) at the left with each bar moving right reflecting scores of previous survey years.  The trend of the graph shows a steady improvement over time.

Business Health say Our (Business Health) benchmark average score is 4.23. Your (APC) average score across all categories was 4.75 which puts you at the very top of the of the businesses in our national benchmarking group”.

The graph below measures various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the survey.

Business Health say your clients scored you most highly for Standard of Support Staff and Business Relationship (which both achieved an average score of 4.85)”.

This score is a wonderful affirmation that APC is delivering on our desire to develop personal relationships with our clients and provide them with excellent service.  It makes a particular comment about how our clients feel about the service that Petra, Calypso, Blake and Loan are providing and we commend them all on a great achievement!

Here are some client comments from the survey;

  • The small business approach enables the team to interact face to face with each client every six months which inspires confidence that APC has the interests of each client at the forefront.
  • There are two main strengths: the first is the knowledge and data-driven advice related to my personal circumstances; and the second is the APC culture of being very client-focussed so that one really does feel like an individual rather than just a cipher
  • APC opted for independence and rejected commissions for the recommendation of products long before this was mandated. This is key to me
  • A professional caring group who go the extra mile to meet our needs
  • Independent advisor free of conflicts and commission driven sales incentives brought us to APC. Great staff and service have kept us there
  • Made to feel inclusive and respected, despite being one of the less wealthy clients of the company
  • I have never felt that they didn’t have my best interests at heart.
  • I am very happy with the level of service and advice I receive from APC. I feel valued and respected by the staff who are friendly and professional.

What is APC’s KAIZEN?

KAIZEN is the Japanese word for ‘improvement’ and even though our survey this year resulted in our best ever score, our lowest rated score from your perspective, was our ‘Range of Financial Services’.  So in the coming month or so we will be back in touch with you to better understand where we can improve in this area.

Our clients are great referrers!

Over many years, APC has grown almost exclusively from our clients referring family and friends to us.  It is the greatest accolade a client can bestow on APC and in this survey 96% of you said you are willing to do so!

APC has recently launched our new website and we have enhanced our Financial Health Check survey.  As the name suggests, this is a survey that provides the opportunity for someone to self-assess on key aspects of their financial health.  The survey takes about 10 minutes and at the conclusion the person receives a report which outlines their areas of strength and also their areas where improvement is required.

There is no charge for the report and it is a great way you can help a friend or family member start the journey to potentially achieving a greater degree of financial health.


Finally, thank you for being our client.  It is a privilege APC has never taken for granted as we strive to deliver the best outcome for you, always.

Warm regards,

The APC Team.