As you will know Australian Private Capital has provided a scholarship at La Trobe University for a number of years.  In order to be considered, the recipient needs to live outside of Melbourne and be intending to study in a finance related field. 

The reason why APC provides this financial support is we recognise that relocating to Melbourne to study is a difficult endeavour for many.  Being away from family and friends is not easy and the financial burden can place a strain undermining the student’s focus on their studies.

This year, our scholarship is being awarded to Luh Emi Purnama Madrini.  Luh became interested in business and finance when he completed VCE studies in Business and Accounting which lead him to enrol in La Trobe’s VCE Plus program.

Luh commenced a Bachelor of Commerce at La Trobe and has since transferred to a double Commerce / Law degree.  Luh’s decision to study at La Trobe has a historical family link as his father studied at La Trobe.  Growing up as a farmer in an extremely disadvantaged village in Indonesia, Luh’s father himself received scholarships to study at La Trobe and provided him the means and opportunity to break the cycle of poverty.

The impact of these scholarships has had enormous benefits for Luh’s father and his family, allowing other family members to come to Australia and study.

This experience illustrates the power of education and business opportunity to break the cycle of poverty.  This notion of ‘Business being a force for immense good in the world’ has motivated APC over many years in our supportive endeavours at both Melbourne Business School and La Trobe University and is something we are very proud to continue to do.