Given the obvious difficulties associated with large gatherings at present, the APC team has put together a video client briefing which we hope you will find informative and of value.  There are five separate videos located in the Resources section of our website which can be found at the following link;


Once you land on the page please scroll down to the section headed Client Briefings where the following videos will be available for you to review.  They are designed for you to review them in order however you are of course free to view them in whatever order you wish.

Video 1: Introduction and economic updateRobert Sarafov: Director and Senior Adviser

Rob will take you through the agenda for the briefing along with an economic update. Watching this video will hopefully assist you to gain a better understanding of current key economic themes and explain what APC is keenly observing in the current environment and likely effects on markets.

Time: 12:20

Video 2: Portfolio and market performance   Hayden Windsor: Director and Senior Adviser

Hayden will briefly cover how difficult it is to predict future market movement and how COVID and particular investment themes have impacted the Classic portfolios over 2020.  This video will illustrate that even during a tough year the Classic portfolio suite has broadly held it’s own.

Time: 6:11

Video 3: APC’s CORE + Satellite investment approach   Carol Tawfik: Senior Adviser

Over the past few eNews communiques, APC has introduced you to our evolved investment methodology called our CORE + Satellite Approach.  Carol delves a little deeper into this concept for you and explains how it works.  Watch this video to better understand its benefits to you as an investor.

Time: 10:22

Video 4: Get to know our newest shareholder   Robert Sarafov / Hayden Windsor/ Carol Tawfik

Recently Carol joined APC’s share registry as our third shareholder!  Rob, Hayden and Carol casually chat about the journey APC has been on since March 1988 when our founding partner, Michael Tratt, started the company.  Watch this video to get to know Carol a little better as well as to understand the direction and focus for APC in the years to come.

Time: 8:51

Video 5: NGV and closing remarks   Robert Sarafov and Carol Tawfik

As you will know, APC has had for many years a very close partnership with the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV). In this video Rob briefly introduces the NGV’s 3D tours and invites you to take a ‘deep dive’ into their dedicated website.  Carol then offers some closing remarks to bring the briefing to a close.

Time: 2:18

On behalf of the entire APC Team, we hope you find the briefing of interest and value!