Business Owners

Brett and Naomi Clarke

Our Client Since 2008

My wife and I were both encumbered with the day-to-day operations of our businesses and felt as if our long-term goals were lacking the attention they required. We couldn’t let up from our responsibilities as that was where our income was coming from so we felt the best option was to continue to devote our time to that and seek professional financial advice to assist us in accomplishing our goals.

After we voiced our frustrations regarding the lack of time we had to concentrate on long-term financial goals to our accountant, he recommended the team at APC. All it took was a single meeting and my wife and I felt extremely confident that APC was the firm we were looking for and would have our best interests perpetually at heart. We knew that our long-term goals would be looked after whilst we could concentrate on our immediate business interests.

Since signing on with APC nine years ago, we have felt confident enough to comfortably carry on with our daily business operations. The personal and kind nature of APC’s team is always felt through every interaction – whether it be in person or over the phone. We just know that they have a genuine concern for our family’s wellbeing and success when it comes to our financial goals.

The comprehensive and inclusive strategies provided by APC are designed to maximise our wealth and bring our goals closer to us. This is something we have seen happen over the last nine years and are excited to continue to see as we continue to employ their thoughtful and goal-oriented services. Our best interests from both a business and family viewpoint are being represented and guided behind the scenes all whilst my wife and I can concentrate on the continual income generation from our businesses.

“We take great comfort and reassurance knowing that our relationship with APC ensures that the benefits of our hard work are not wasted and that our long term family welfare is protected.”

– Brett and Naomi Clarke