Retirement Ready

Kate and Mark


Kate (47) and Mark (50) first connected with APC in 2018, both full-time employees. They were homeowners with a large mortgage and also had a further three investment properties all carrying some debt.
As well as the properties they had some superannuation assets, direct shares and personal insurance. They didn’t have an estate plan noting that Mark had two independent adult children from his first marriage.

Kate and Mark came to us with a strong desire to better manage their cash flow and improve their disposable income. Despite being high-income earners, their cash flow was tight . They felt that their financial circumstances had become more complex than wanted and keenly wanted to simplify their affairs, and have more flexibility, whilst also making prudent investment decisions that would support their future.
Some of their other concerns and priorities were explained to us as follows:

  • We would ideally love to knock down our current home and build a new home. Is that viable?
  • We want to address our level of overall debt.
  • Whilst we’re not there yet, we have our eye on retirement (65) but we aren’t sure if we’re at all on the right track. What else should we be doing today to make sure we’re comfortable later?
  • We’re conscious of the overall tax we pay.
  • We know that we should be thinking more about superannuation but we need help to understand how this works and how it fits within the whole picture.
  • We established and documented a comprehensive financial plan
  • The primary concern regarding cash flow and debt was dealt with. With careful consideration for their various properties, tax and several other factors, Kate and Mark sold one of their investment properties and materially reduced their non-tax deductible home loan
  • We helped Kate and Mark get a better handle on income and outgoings
  • A clear plan was set for the allocation of their surplus income so that it would best support their long-term goals
  • Their superannuation was reallocated to lower-cost options that better suited their long-term growth goals
  • Demonstration that their long-term goals could be achieved through forward projections and by making some adjustments. Multiple scenario planning allowed them to understand what was viable
  • Additional contributions to superannuation were recommended
  • Review and analysis of their current Wealth Protection Strategy
  • Overall debt was reduced by 50% (with this further reduced over time), their affairs were materially simplified and their free cash flow improved; their overall strategy recalibrated with the next phase in mind
  • Budgeting and cash flow management exercises created a great sense of clarity and control
  • There was an overarching cohesive strategy in place with increased focus on superannuation, retirement planning and diversified investments
  • Through increased personal insurance they had added comfort that in the event of something unforeseen, they were as well protected as they could be
  • Ongoing decision-making support and accountability to agreed actions through regular planning meetings