HR Manager

Lorna O’Dwyer

Our Client Since 2012

At the time, I had dealt with a terrifying divorce where my husband had handled all prior financial dealings. It was a period of significant personal change and I needed professional and sound financial advice more than ever to secure my future through the divorce process and beyond.

My accountant recommended APC to me and I felt comfortable within their warm environment. The staff and advisers are accommodating, engaging and above all else, polite – which is something I highly value. I instantly connected with the team and am thankful to have people whom I can identify with, trust and like, guiding me towards a comprehensive understanding of where I stand.

Since joining the APC family I have gone from blindingly signing documents – with no idea or understanding of my financial position – to taking control thanks to the sound advice and support from the team.

Through regular and professional meetings, I am informed of any financial updates that apply to me or my strategy. I feel like I am a valued client and that the team really appreciates and respects me. Any queries or replies to the advice I’ve been told is always acknowledged immediately which is calming and reassuring.

I feel secure knowing that I’m receiving positive returns thanks to the trajectory of my superannuation and the general life advice provided across all aspects of my personal affairs.

This sort of security and trust really speaks volumes regarding APC’s warming professionalism and knowledge. Their comprehensive processes make me feel at ease as I know they have all bases covered and my best interests at heart.

“Trust. I have trust in the decisions being made on my behalf and a great level of comfort provided through APC’s excellent processes and great staff.”

– Lorna O’Dwyer