As a client of APC, you will know APC is a conflict free advice firm.  This means we do not accept commissions from third party product and service providers and where we do, we return these commissions to our clients 100%. 

Recently we passed a significant milestone of returning more than $500,000 of cumulative commissions to our clients!

In practical terms this means our clients pay 20% – 30% less for their insurance premiums and over many years this represents thousands of dollars in savings.  It can also mean the return of thousands of dollars in commission if we help a client implement a new debt facility.  You may recently have seen in the media  the consumer representative, ‘Choice’ advocating for the removal of commission payments from Mortgage Brokers.

Clients of APC have been enjoying these benefits for years.  However they have crucially benefited from the knowledge that the motivation of our advice is not a third party commission payment but rather has simply been the belief that our recommendation is the most efficient way to achieve a desired strategic outcome that is ultimately in the best interests of our clients.

There are few advice firms that operate in this way.  APC has and continues to grow mainly from our clients referring family and friends.   If you know someone who you believe can benefit from our conflict free advice and personal service, we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to speak with them.