Simon Ereaut

Simon joined APC in April of 2012.  At that time his main role was as a Para Planner, supporting the advice team.  He soon transitioned to the Para Planning Team Leader role as that part of our business grew during that time.

Over the last few years, Simon has taken on further responsibilities, particularly in the management and development of our key IT software system Xplan and some compliance management of our Australian Financial Services License (AFSL). 

Leading up to the retirement of Michael and Marie last August, there was a need to ensure that the Practice Management function of our business continued to be fulfilled.  This had been a role most admirably delivered by Marie over many years.  Big shoes to fill!!

We commenced a program early in 2016 to ‘hand over’ the Practice Management role in stages from Marie to Simon during a six month period and to allow Simon an opportunity to ‘ease into’ it.

We are very happy to say that Simon has done well in this challenging endeavour and are delighted to confirm his appointment as Australian Private Capital’s Practice Manager, effective from January 2017.

Luke Price

Luke joined APC in November of 2012 as a Para Planner, joining the team and reporting to Simon, who at the time was our Para Planning Team Leader.

Straight from the beginning, Luke was very keen to learn all aspects of his new role and fitted into the ‘APC way’ very quickly. Over the last four years Luke has also contributed valuable suggestions to how we could further enhance our client’s experience.  As the Para Planning team grew, Luke lead by example and has always been willing to assist other members of the APC team.

It is this quality above all that made the decision to promote Luke to Para Planning Team Leader an easy one and we are delighted to confirm his appointment effective from January 2017.


Both Simon and Luke epitomize APC’s ‘Client First’ philosophy.   They both will do anything they can to assist a client, they are courteous and respectful to their peers and help to make our offices a joy to work at, which we believe is a major contributor to delivering great service.

We would encourage you, when you next see or speak with either Simon or Luke, to congratulate them on their recent achievements.

They are well deserved.