Financial Health Check Survey

Q How would you describe your attitude to money and your money management?

Q When I think about the future...

Q How would you rate your financial literacy?

Q Do you have clear short, medium and long term goals?

Q Do you know how you are tracking to these objectives?

Q Has your income kept pace with inflation over the past 3 years?

Q Have your expenses remained constant over the past 3 years?

Q Do you save money regularly?

Q What is the highest marginal rate of tax you pay?

Q What do you contribute to your Superannuation?

Q Do you know how much income (in today's dollars) you would require during your retirement?

Q Do you know how much savings are needed to provide your retirement income?

Q Do you know about how much you would need to save or contribute to superannuation over time to reach that sum?

Q Are you aware of your tolerance for investment risk; that is your feelings about the ups and downs that you might experience when investing?

Q Are the investments you have spread across different types of assets - like shares, property, bonds etc?

Q Do you have a clear idea of fees that you pay (for example for the management of your investment or superannuation)

Q Do you know how your investments (like superannuation) have performed against the average?

Q Are you interested in aligning your investment decisions with your views on sustainable development?

QIf you had no income, how many months could you fund your lifestyle from liquid assets? (Cash or Term Deposits)

QIf you required hospital treatment what percentage of your out of pocket expenses would be covered by your private health cover?

Q If you passed away unexpectedly, what percentage of your debts would be covered by existing insurance coverage?

Q If you passed away unexpectedly, or were hospitalised for a long time, how long could your existing insurance cover lifestyle costs of your family?

Q Are you utilising debt to fund a wealth creation strategy?

QDo you have a Will?

Q Do you have Powers of Attorney in place?