“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there” – Lewis Carroll

A sound financial plan is not just about effective financial decision making, but about ensuring your strategy supports your vision and is aligned with your personal goals and objectives.

Fundamental to establishing an effective framework is to gain a deep understanding of your goals and the things that are important to you. We believe part of our role is to facilitate and assist you with articulating your goals, as well as helping you establish a roadmap to realise them. This means working through what is most important to you, what is achievable, establishing actionable steps, tracking progress along the way and importantly, working with you through life’s changes.

Below is a simple tool, which assists us in formulating our most important goals at the infancy.

The ability to meet short, medium and long-term goals is greatly impacted by the ability to manage cash flow and stay within a structured framework. The biggest problem for many people is lack of a clear money or cash flow plan that is centred on the things they can control – earning, spending and saving.  Cash flow management is a fundamental principle for financial wellbeing and as such, requires a dedicated commitment to make it work for the short, medium and long term.

Below is the APC spending plan tool which we use to build our structured cash flow framework.

APC has created a short video to demonstrate the process in which we would undertake with you to ensure your goals are clearly articulated and that a sound cash flow strategy is in place to achieve what is most important to you.

The video is in our new Resources section of our website which can be accessed here.

Please enjoy the video and make contact with the APC team should you wish to find out more.