The most important asset we have to achieve our financial goals is our ability to earn money. If we are unable to work and generate an income, not only would our financial goals be unachievable, our ability to meet everyday costs could be in jeopardy.

Having our Personal Protection Insurances in place is critical in ensuring that our families can continue to be financially secure in the event that we may be unable to work or pass away. Australian Private Capital regularly prepares a Personal Protection Gap Analysis for every client recommending comprehensive cover for financial protection and peace of mind.

Here is a recent story of one of our clients:


Just over two years ago, I was surfing with a few friends.

As we headed out to the break in the transfer boat, one of my friends noticed a mole on my right shoulder blade and suggested that I get my brother (who is a surgeon) to take a look at it.

My brother took a biopsy on the Thursday and on the Friday morning whilst at work he called me and asked the time that I had breakfast that morning. He wanted me to have surgery that day.

The surgery to remove what turned out to be a very aggressive melanoma went well and I have made a full recovery but I probably owe my life to my very observant mate and that particular surfing session.

It was during the course of our next Regular Planning Meeting with APC that I mentioned my experience with the melanoma. Luke Price from APC said he thought that I might be eligible to claim on my existing Trauma and Income Protection insurance covers.

It turned out Luke was absolutely right and my claim resulted in an insurance payout soon after.

APC was excellent during this time as they liaised with the insurance provider and I had only a limited involvement in the process. Ultimately the insurance claim payment was deposited in our bank account quite quickly.

Whereas the melanoma brought about an anxious and quite stressful period in our lives, the insurance payout provided added financial security to our family. It was reassuring knowing that the financial side of our lives was taken care of during this period.

It was APC that recommended that we both implement adequate insurance covers in the first place and for this we are now grateful.

As for the Regular Planning Meetings, we appreciate the APC process even more now.  The systematic review of our financial position, including insurance, every six months or so means that we are confident of our financial future.  A regular check of freckles/moles is also a good idea!