Who is APC best suited to help?

APC’s Private Client Service

APC’s Private Client Service APC offers a comprehensive advice solution through our Private Client Service. This means holistic advice that covers all facets of each individual’s unique, evolving, personal financial situation.

We understand how challenging it can be to find that feeling of financial organisation whilst also balancing life’s many demands. APC’s Private Client Service is comprehensive, highly coordinated and most importantly, personal – making it feel like an effortless and stress-free experience. This allows you to concentrate on the things in life that matter the most to you.

Through a methodical approach (based upon our 9 Keys to Financial Independence ), we can help you develop a unique and tailored strategy that cohesively meshes the various components of your financial life together. APC’s approach ensures that the achievement of your goals and the things that matter to you are not left to chance. Most importantly, your strategy evolves with you as life inevitably also evolves. View APC’s Private Client Service PDF APC has many years of experience in helping people from many walks of life and backgrounds and with a broad range of needs. If you are wondering if APC may be able to assist, perhaps you are one of these?

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Seeking Structure

Individuals or couples typically midway through their working lives. They may be higher income earners, yet struggle to save consistently or feel that they are not ‘getting ahead’. They may have a demanding work life, mortgage, children at childcare or school (or possibly all of these things). As a result, they tend to feel under pressure or ill-equipped to manage all the pieces of their financial life cohesively and comprehensively.

Cash flow management may be a challenge with high fixed costs (like home mortgage, education fees, insurance and so on). Nonetheless, making the very most of their resources and having a plan to grow their wealth for the future is also very important.

The guiding hand of a professional with whom they can collaborate to get (and keep) their financial house in order would mean feeling financially organised as well as confidence in the future direction. Getting it right today could make all the difference down the track.

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Retirement Ready

Individuals or couples that are later in their working lives, with an eye on ‘life after work’ – whatever that may mean for them. They have enjoyed a successful career and may be at the peak of their earnings. Things like children’s education or mortgage may be behind them or nearing their end. Scaling work back might be a possibility but they’re not sure if they can afford to.

They may be feeling cautious that their savings (both what they have accumulated and continue to earn) will be enough to enjoy the lifestyle they’d like to have when the time comes. A plan to make sure that they’re doing what they can today to maximise the future is of primary importance.

They want to increase their comfort and confidence in their financial circumstances and future direction but they need help to gain this peace of mind.

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Making the most of it

These individuals or couples have retired from the workforce. They have worked hard, saved and now wish to focus on enjoying life.

They tend to be highly concerned with the safety of their retirement savings and making sure they will be able to support their needs and lifestyle (together with the potential unknowns) through their retirement. Superannuation often forms a large part of their saved wealth and they understand the need for prudent and careful management of this resource – particularly in an increasingly complex world.

They may feel increasingly conscious of their future financial legacy and money in the context of the broader family unit.

Having ongoing support to make prudent decisions about things like travel, upgrading or downsizing their home or financially assisting their family may be important. It may be the case that one member of the couple has traditionally been the main financial decision-maker. So guidance and oversight from a trusted adviser would mean confidence and peace of mind, allowing them to go about living their lives without worry or ‘second guessing’ decisions.

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