Suzanne Duncan’s inspiration to help others, especially single parents, comes from her own very personal awareness of the challenges facing all parents today. Suzanne truly never imagined she would be living as a single parent, but she was thrust into that challenge when her husband tragically lost his battle with cancer in 2011. With her husband’s death, Suzanne has raised her children on her own, and she has an inherent understanding of the difficulties single parents face. Promoting a strong, loving relationship between children and parents became the focus and is the topic of her latest book.

All by Myself & Rocking It! (How to Be Successful at Single Parenting) is not just another single-parenting guidebook, but rather it provides insightful, practical, doable ideas to help you manage life as a single parent and teaches you how to look after yourself while nurturing your children, how to raise children with a good sense of self-esteem, and how to find the inner courage to be successful at raising happy, healthy children on your own.

The book has been an unqualified success in helping those who need support. As one single parent said, “I needed a book like this to help me, to inspire me, and remind me I wasn’t completely alone with everything, and that life can get good again.”

Suzanne Duncan had been interviewed on many notable radio and podcast shows namely The Positive Phil Show, Twelve Minute Convos with Engel Jones, Mom Talk Radio, School for Startups, and The Timeless Family Podcast. She has also been featured and is a regular contributor to various media outlets such as She Savvy, Family Capers, WOW Magazine – Women of Worth, Carol Roth Business Unplugged™, and The Coaching Institute.

The Author

Suzanne Duncan started her own coaching consultancy, Discovery Within, as a single mother of three. She holds a science degree, a graduate diploma in education, and is an accredited coach. She routinely draws on her own experience to inform, educate, and support others to rediscover their potential, embrace their learning opportunities, and generate positive relationships.


Betrayed, Released and Free to Fly

An Unconventional Path to Freedom

A few days before Christmas, some years ago, Evelyn’s husband confessed that he had committed corporate fraud and was likely to go to jail.  She was flabbergasted as she had no inkling of these activities.  At that time he was a recently retired partner of a globally recognised accounting firm in Melbourne.

Ostensibly, Evelyn was living in a comfortable home, married to a man who had experienced the rewards of professional success.  They had two older children in tertiary education, and she was looking forward to a life of semi-retirement. The fraud amounted to seven figures.  The legal process was confronting and painful.  The adjustment to a less comfortable lifestyle was emotionally and physically exhausting.

At the time, the prevailing (and unspoken) attitude was to cover over the activity and just move on: adopt the “stiff upper lip”.  Obviously the accounting firm did its best, successfully, to avoid any publicity.  Evelyn feels that while her experience was not unusual, her response was unique.   She wanted to share to empower others.  Many women have found themselves in similar situations.  Interesting that now the #MeToo movement is encouraging women to speak up about abuse at all levels.

In her book, Evelyn talks about some of the unconventional tools she used to not only help her deal with her situation, but also propel her forward into a happier, more stable and fulfilling life. She would like to encourage others who face difficult situations to find the strength within and move through the pain to a better place. Evelyn’s book about her experiences, “Free to Fly” was released in 2014.

At the time of the confession, she recalls that her thoughts were “Oh $%#@@, I have always said to others that it is not what happens, but how you deal with it that counts.  What are you going to do now, Evelyn?”.  Despite the trauma, she forced her thoughts to fly to the future and how that might look for her.

In time she gathered together her past life collections and gave away, sold or threw out that which no longer served, including the large family home.  Fortunate to have connections with Michael Tratt through the University of Melbourne, she was drawn to APC for advice and support to manage what she had been able to salvage financially.

Today she lives on the Gold Coast, having created a new way of life, new friends and businesses.  In reviewing the experience, it has been a gift that has allowed her to find the strengths she did not know she had.

The Author


Born overseas, like so many in our amazing Australian population, Evelyn came to live in Melbourne with her family when she was 11 years old. Educated at Camberwell Girls Grammar School on a scholarship, she went on to complete an Arts degree at Monash University, majoring in Latin and Greek.  From Monash, she was recruited into the same Computer Programming Course as Michael Tratt, with the organisation that is now Telstra. 

A career in IT followed, during which she also completed an MBA at Melbourne University.  Leaving full-time employment while raising her family, she pursued a number of part-time activities before returning to study a Post Graduate Diploma of Internet Software Development in anticipation of returning to the work force full time.

As a result of her husband’s activities, she found herself back in the workforce more quickly than anticipated.  Full time employment allowed her time to gather some resources while at the same time completing her Yoga Teacher Training for which she had enrolled prior to her husband’s confession.

Alongside her conventional education, Evelyn studied Yoga, Astrology and Esoteric studies from her mid-teens.  As the general population is now more open to these concepts, Evelyn is sharing her knowledge through Yoga and Astrology, whilst addressing the needs of the ageing physical body with supportive products. Evelyn enjoys life in Queensland, and still finds time to connect regularly with her son and his family in Melbourne and her daughter in Vancouver.

More information about current activities can be found on her website www.qalma.com.au.

Free to Fly is available on-line through Booktopia, Amazon;  hard copies can be obtained by contacting Evelyn directly at [email protected].